Why “Son of Sticky Rice”

Isaan province is famous for 2 things :

Sticky rice which is grown in the paddy  fields and great Muay Thai fighters (it is said that the fighters from Isaan are so strong because they grow up eating sticky rice).

In fact the connection between sticky rice and Muay Thai is so strong that when Isaan fighters are introduced to the crowds before their fight, they are often simply introduced as a “Son of Sticky Rice” fighter

So that’s why we called our gym “Son of  Sticky Rice” Luk Khao Niew Muay Thai.

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Ajarn San (+66)080-762-8628 (ไทย / Thai)
Kru Bin (+66)080-350-1605 (English, Chinese “Mandarin & Cantonese”, Japanese, Spanish)



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